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Food Bank of Iowa’s Helping Hands Society recognizes our community’s most committed hunger fighters, champions who annually contribute $1,000 or more to support our work.

Your contributions help us move closer to our vision of a hunger-free Iowa, helping Iowans lead full, active lives, and strengthening their communities. Food is the most basic human need — by being a Helping Hands Society member, you are creating meaningful impacts for our neighbors in need.

Contact Vice President of Philanthropy Bergetta Beardsley at bbeardsley@foodbankiowa.org or 515-867-2892 for more information.

Helping Hands Society Members

Vickie Williams and Lee Abramsohn
Brian Ackerson
Zachary Alexander
Chad Anderson
Jeffrey Andrews
Christopher Andrews
Ashley and David Arellano
Mary and Todd Ashby
James and Crystal Austin
Kurt Bailey
Normal and Nancy Barkema
John and Deann Bates
David and Kathy Bauer
Kevin and Jana Baxter
James and Mary Bernard
Arlys and David Bernard
Michael Bird
Tony Bisignano
Pauline Blair
Margo and Don Blumenthal
Eric and Laura Boatwright
Sarah Boblenz
Andy Bogaards
Steven and Frances Boggs
Paul Bognanno
David and Susan Bolte
Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey
Barbara Bouley
Wayne and Mary Ann Bower
Christopher and Joan Bowman
Lynn Breitbach
Linda Brierley
Roger and Janice Brown
Richard Brown
Barbara Brown
Mary Kay and Doug Bruce
Mary Bruce
Doug and Mary Kay Bruce
Thomas and Teresa Burke
Robert Burnett
Matthew Busche
Deborah Cardin
Bryan Carpenter
Tom Carpenter
Carrie Cassidy
Nancy and Natale Chiodo
Karen Clark
David and Diana Clay
Nancy Clifford
Suzanne Cohrs
Laurel and Glen Colton
Michael Roughton
Rebecca Colton
Margaret Coogan
Michael and Julie Coppla
Christpheri Covert
James Cross
Barbara Crowley
Justin and Ann Dalton
Patricia Daugherty
Ronald Davis
James Dean
Casey and Karen Decker
Jack and Marjorie Cavanah
Tom Deiker
Scott and Lisa Denker
Daniel Dennis
Barry Determan
D.T. Doan
John and Jean Doering
Hayward and Kathy Draper
David and Margaret Drury
Carol Hendrick and Johnathan Duvick
Brian Dvorak
Ronald and Barbara Eckoff
William and Cathy Eddy
Alan and Karen Ellis
Callie Elrick
Kevin Eppens
Julie and Mitch Erickson
Rose Etzen
Linda Faulconer
Eric Faust
Mary Fischer
Sarah Fox
Paul and Tamara Fulgni
Delbert Gaddie
Sarah Garst
Patricia Gates-Lee
Jeremy Gaumer
Julia Gentleman
Joey and Karen George
Stephen Gilbert
Gregory and Brenda Gill
Ratwinder and Kanwaljit Gill
Timothy and Sharon Glenn
Brian Glick
Barbara Goede
Laura Beason and Ed Goedeken
Thomas and Sally Graf
John and Sunday Greaves
Sheila Grebert
Ronald Grensteiner
James Grife

Constance Grignon
Carol Grimm
Mitchell Groff
Rena Hall
Steven Hall
Clinton and Kayla Halverson
Dale and Angela Halverson
Steven Harmer
Ruth Harris
Christpher Haupert
Wendy and Chris Haupert
Katherine Hauser
Danny and Sharon Hauswirth
David and Mary Giese
David Heath
Ann Hein
Susan Heitshusen
Kathy Hill
Barbara Hinchcliffe
Jill and Nicholas Hittner
Keith Hohensee
Edwin and Gloria Holland
Trudy Holman
Betty Holwegner
Philip and Alisa Horn
Amanda Hosch
Fred and Charlotte Hubbell
Michael and Deborah Hibbell
Heinz Humm
Lynn Isenberger
Fredrick James
Michael Myszewski and Martha James
Larry Jandrey
Diana Jarman
Tim Johnson
David and Karen Johnson
Steven Jordening
Michael Jurgens
James and Melinda Kabel
Tom and Cathy Kasper
John Keyser
Karen and Daniel Kiefer
Margaret Klee and Walter Kniep
Mike Howes
James and Rebecca Klein
James Usgaard and Becky Knutson
Nicholas Kolacia
Penny and John Krantz
Charles and Vickie Krest
Steven and Virginia Kukla
Marlys Ladd
Linda Lair
Paul and Sally Latta
Susan and Brandon Leek
Larry and Phyllis Lepke
Terry and Joyce Lillis
Joyce Lindstrom
Robert Lipman
Bruce and Barbara Logan
Jane and Lohnes
Daniel and Molly Lopez
John Loughry
Jerry and Joyce Lovell
Travis Lowe
Scott and Heather Luke
Cheryl Lyall
Nicole Maakestad
Shirley and Lori MacDonald
Thomas and Diann Mackey
Micheleen Maher
Alex, Valeria and Mark Malenchick
Shirley Manning
Elizabeth Marchant
Debra Martin
Paul and Sara Martin
La Donna R Matthes
Carolyn and Billy McCall
Al McClatchey
Linda McClure
Clark and Stacy McDermott
Vin Trinh and Mark McGaughey
Brooke and Andrew McHose
Joseph and Catherine McLaughlin
Catherine McLaughlin
Melanie and Dennis Menken
MeriKay Mestad
Jane Meyer
David and Loree Miles
Jeff Miller
Thomas Minger
Miriam Mintzer
David and Mary Moermond
Steffany Mohan
John and Dawn Morgan
Paul and Gloria Morris
Charles and Michelle Morton
David and Janis Mosley
Allan Powers and Ann Mowery
Robert and Robin Mueller
Janis Mugge
Kay Myers
Andrew Nelson
Mary Nelson
Kenneth and Bonni Newton
Kenneth Newton
Mary Newton
Mary Ney
Berlyn Nicolino
Opal Ludwig
William and Pauline Niebur
Jeffrey and Charlene Nihart
Jane and Steven Noah
James and Charlotte Noble
Carolyn O’Brien
Patrick O’Brien
Brad and Connie Oelmann
Janet and Roderick Olson
Steven and Kimberly Olson
David O’Neal
Mary Oothout
Connie Otte
Elaine Thomas Palmer
Mary and Jeffrey Pals
John Pappajohn
Alice Peck
Jerome Peltier
Sharon Perfater
Jennifer and Greg Perman
Erik Peterson
Elaine Phillips
James Piros and Ruth Wright-Piros
Monica Plummer
Joseph and Kara Pollpeter
Dwight and Erin Porter
Robert and Rose Mary Pratt
Dave Proudfit
Jon Pugh
David Pugh
Stephen Quinlan
Linda Railsback
Mark and Linda Recker
Mary Ann and Peter Reiter
Mary Richards
Debra and Rissell Richardson
Bobbi Jean Rieck
Violet Robinson
Helen Robinson
Richard Rubus
John Reopke
Mark and Alicia Rooney
V. Jean Rozenboom
Robert and Frances Sapp
Larry and Kathy Sather
Mary Schabacker
Charlie Schafer
Terry and Diana Schleisman
Lester Schmerr
Wanda Schmidt
Kent and Melissa Schrof
Kevin and Kelly Schulte
R.K. Scupham
Adam Severson
Steven Jayne and Karen Schaff
Ali Shemirani
Robert and Beverly Sherlock
Jeffrey and Jean Shugart
Steven Simmons
Jacquelyn Elfman and Darwin Simon
Michael Simonson
Maurice Sinclair
Michael Slyby
Gary and Mary Jo Smith
Martha Smith
Gordon Smith
Wendy Snyder
Bernard and Debra Spaeth
Marjorie and Edward Spuzello
Nancy Stafford
William Stanek
Marilyn Staples
Dennis Stark
Craig and Stacy Stevens
Karla and Robert Stitz
Scott Stokely
Charles Stoltenow
Jeffrey and Susan Stroud
Wilma Struss
David Yepsen and Mary Stuart
Suzan Q Stuchel
Randy and Sheiler Struder
John and Sheri Susich
Chad Thomas
Scott and Teri Thompson
Jerry Tigges
Sally Donagh Titus
Kynda Tollari
Suzanne and Eric Torkelson
Linda Tellberg and Kenneth Turnquist
Tim and Toni Urban
Gueorgui Vajarov
Dale and Nancy Vander Broek
Arland and Arlene Vander Leest
Duane and Ann VanSant
Ronald and Ann Victor
Thomas and Christine Vilsack
Tyler VonWeihe
Bret Voorheers
Karen Wagner
Jo and Jim Wakefield
John and Christine Walker
Margaret Walsh
Allen and Colleen Walter
Kay Ward
Clay Webb
Dennis and Cathy Webb
Jeanette Webb
William Whitacre
Sean Williams
Timothy and Sharon Winkel
Miriam De Dios Woodward and Nick Woodward
Douglas Wulf
Andrew and Jessica Zaugg
James and Joyce Ziska
Roger and Jane Zobel 

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